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Google Free People Search options are varied and very useful to locating almost anyone. It is not just an internet search engine but it can also be used as a free search tool. If you have lost contact with friends or family members or are seeking to locate an individual for legal or hiring purposes such as background checks. The directory is completely free and offers many advanced features.

Before paying a search directory, look into the no cost options first. These services are a quick and free way to reconnect with lost loved ones. The tools are simple to use and the more accurate your information, the better. The directory also allows you to search for individuals by accessing various Social Networking sites.

All free internet directories get their information from public records. Phone numbers and addresses are accessed via pubic phone listings. This information is compiled through various internet search algorithms that free and paid directories have access to that providing the information to the end user. These directories work best when the information is complete and accurate.

This search directory is very easy to use. You must first access the browser and enter all of the information you may have that will help your search efforts. Again, make sure the spelling is correct and any addresses or phone numbers are correct. Inaccurate or incomplete information will only hinder your search.

The best method to insure an accurate and exhaustive search is the use of quotation marks. Enter the name or phone number within quotation marks so that only the criteria entered will be searched. This narrows down your search options specifically for commonly used names.

There are several advanced features that enhance your search efforts. Google offers the option the search individuals via Social Networking sites. Once the name or address has been entered then there is a field option to enter a particular networking site. This is also entered in quotation marks to narrow the search.

When your information is limited there are other searches that may bring up a name. For instance, if you have a complete address or phone number and associated name should come up. Enter the information within quotation marks as described earlier.

Using the Google Free People Search should be a first step int he investigative process since it is quick and free. Hard to find information or people or not readily available in public records for various reasons. When this is the case, paid services would be needed. But for common name searches, this is an excellent tool and a great way to reconnect with lost relatives and friends.

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